Télérama - Vibrato, listening to the victims of the Bataclan

"[...] the authors had the idea of an original distancing process: no image and no sound from this fatal evening are given to see or hear. Instead, they stage dancing bodies in chiaroscuro (choreography by Claire Hurpeau), sounds and music with a finely suggestive percussive dimension (soundtrack by Pablo Pico). ”

9th November 2021

Télérama - Ernest Hemingway, four weddings and a funeral

"[...] the accuracy of the editing, the commentary said by Anaïs Demoustier and the original music by Pablo Pico contribute to the pleasure provided by the story of a life that was certainly tragic, but exciting ."

10th September 2021

Variety - The Upside Down River 

"[...] and with a musical score by Pablo Pico, the series’ director, Paul LeLuc  (“The Wolf”, “The Long Long Holiday”) described it as “cinema for television.”

September 18, 2020

La Croix - Mum is pouring rain

"And not to spoil anything, the soundtrack is by Pablo Pico, the brilliant composer of  MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE,  who married instrumental music and sounds of nature, in a crazy farandole. "

30th June 2020

Le Monde - Marona's Fantastic Tale

De Popeye au manga… Huit films d’animation à découvrir ou à revoir en ligne


"Le bonheur est fait de choses simples [...] "Happiness is a Small Thing", nous rappelle la chanson du film composée par Pablo Pico."

16th June 2020

Los Angeles Times - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"Pablo Pico’s beautiful, largely understated score is likewise versatile: It can feel intimate or can convey wonder."

June 10, 2020

AWFJ - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"The music by Pablo Pico is also very memorable and à propos, especially the song Happiness [...]. Taken on its own, which can be done through [...] music streaming services, the score is still a delight."

3rd June 2020

La Vanguardia - La Vidas de Marona

"Una verdadera lección de amor repleta de poesía en cada fotograma. Y todo ello envuelto bajo la excelente banda sonora de Pablo Pico."

13th March 2020

Fotogramas - Las Vidas de Marona

"Una producción en el centro de la creatividad europea que cuenta con los personajes creados por Brecht Evens [...] o la maravillosa música de Pablo Pico (que ya había compuesto la banda sonora de ‘Adama’). "

11th March 2020

International Cinephile Society - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"Romanian director Anca Damian uses a fascinating mixture of animated styles to bring to the screen the perceptions of the titular heroine, carried by a wonderfully evocative and emotional score by Pablo Pico"

27th January 2020

Sourdoreille - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"La musique originale composée par Pablo Pico est un remède à l’abattement. Rien que ça."

January 17  2020

Le Monde - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"Anca Damian compose une mélodie du bonheur à hauteur de chien [...]

mis en œuvre par trois artistes [...] : l’auteur de bande dessinée belge Brecht Evens, la Norvégienne Gina Thorstensen, l’Italienne Sarah Mazzetti et le compositeur français Pablo Pico. Leurs univers singuliers nourrissent le film dont l’unité tient au rappel des couleurs, à la cohérence des formes et à la fluidité du mouvement. Mélodie d’un bonheur qu’il faut saisir dans l’instant, conte de fées moderne sur l’amour qu’il faut chérir"

8th January 2020

La Croix - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"[...] le film, bercé par la musique sublime de Pablo Pico, est tout à la fois une explosion de couleurs acidulées et un camaïeu de tonalités sombres, fidèle à la touche graphique de Brecht Evens, talentueux dessinateur belge qui a assuré une partie de la direction artistique."

8th January 2020

France Culture - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"Pablo Pico a composé la musique, avant que le dessin n'existe. Elle reflète la synergie qu'affectionne particulièrement Anca Damian, qui est selon elle propre au cinéma d'animation."

7th January 2020

Variety - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"“Marona’s Fantastic Tale” takes place almost entirely in such a dreamy musical space, defying linear perspective [...] in favor of something far more freeform and playful. The film interrupts its own narrative at times to send Marona plunging into the pages of library books, or blasting her into outer-space orbit, swept along by Pablo Pico’s gently supportive score."

23rd October 2019

Screen Daily - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"[...] the quality of the lively, vibrant animation and the depth of feelings make it entirely engaging. The closing song ’Happiness’ from Isabel Sorling and Pablo Pico effectively captures the delicate charm and poignancy of the film."

17th June 2019

24images - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"[...] le film fourmille d’inventions visuelles et sonores, avec mille et une idées par plan. [...] Signalons aussi la magnifique partition de Pablo Pico, autre réussite du film."

14th June 2019

Cineuropa - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"a simple, tender and moving story suffused with visual and musical poetry of great inventiveness [...]

It’s a universal thread which the director weaves artfully into the luxuriousness of the film’s graphics, which are themselves highly inspired, visually stunning [...] and perfectly complemented by the music of Frenchman Pablo Pico."

12th June 2019

The Hollywood Reporter - Marona's Fantastic Tale

"A playful score by Pablo Pico accompanies what is ultimately a touching [...] chronicle of a dog"

12th June 2019

WeAnimate Magazine - Adama

"I don't start a project of animation thinking that it's animation, that it has to be for children and so on. To me, that's a wrong way to think about music in films"

October 2018

Le Télégramme - A Man Is Dead

"" l'une des vraies réussites du film est l'atmosphère qui s'en dégage, sublimée par une musique et un son fabuleux."

14th March 2018

The Parisian - Adama

"  The film mixes techniques with happiness  : 3D animation, drawings, painting, inking, an astonishing blend of African pictorial culture and stylistic modernity, to which a bewitching soundtrack is attached. In the end, we come out of the film upset, after having witnessed a spectacle of breathtaking beauty. "

21st October 2015

Total Screen - Adama

"Giving pure musical value while serving the film"

21st October 2015